Strangecat Exclusive Macaroni and Onigiri Soda Editions by Grape Brain

Soda soft vinyl? Absolutely. Strangecat Toys has released their exclusive Macaroni Lemon Cream Soda and Onigiri Melon Soda vinyl art toys from Grape Brain. Whether it’s the slightly scary Onigiri (you know, eyes in his hands and all) or the oh-so-cute Macaroni, both feature a fun soda design with clear bodies and translucent inner paint.

Editions of 100, the Strangecat Exclusive Macaroni and Onigiri Soda editions also feature ten ‘ice’ chase figures with ‘ice cubes’ inside. As of this posting, Onigiri ($70) and the 2-figure set ($140) are available from Strangecat Toys. The Macaroni soda edition is sold out individually and is only available as part of the set.

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