BrokenBONES CamuTEQ by Frank Mysterio x QUICCS x Martian Toys

Timed with the opening of the Broken Bones 2-person show featuring the work of Frank Mysterio and Klav, Martian Toys has opened pre-orders for the BrokenBONES CamuTEQ vinyl art toy from Frank Mysterio x QUICCS.

Frank Mysterio’s turn on the TEQ63 is a striking black and white tour de force with a punch of blue. The edition delivers a stylized skeletal design set against a painterly black/gray camouflage pattern. Words don’t really convey the design’s impact, particularly the organic, asymmetric elements, like the loose white drips on the horns. The shark mouth on the size pushes this one over the top.

An edition of 250, the BrokenBONES CamuTEQ vinyl art toy (6″) is available for preorder from Martian Toys for $90. The figure is expected to ship in 10-12 weeks. The figure includes the standard two sets of arms (hoodie and regular).

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