Feral Children by Mutant Vinyl Hardcore

Mutant Vinyl Hardcore is about to unleash the new Feral Children project featuring six characters sharing a new common body. The wild ones include Baby V, King Wild Boy, Mech Boy Ollie, Rider Zero, Skully and Willy. With molding under way, each of the figures is shown here in their original clay sculpt form.

The project is set to debut with a mixed parts set featuring a body and all six heads in a random assortment of up to nine solid vinyl colors (white, black, red, blue, purple, yellow, pink, green & orange). Each set comes with a mini print and sticker in a full-color box.

The Feral Children mixed-parts set will be available for preorder on Friday (6.25) at 9 AM PDT from Mutant Vinyl Hardcore for $185/set —limit 2 per collector. The sets will be available until Monday (6.28) or until they sell out. Shipping is scheduled for August/September 2021.

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