Droopy Cat by PoOL x Mighty Jaxx

PoOL’s Droopy Cat arrives just in time for the slow, leisurely days of summer. A riff on the iconic pink and white striped fairytale cat, the new vinyl art toy from Mighty Jaxx has slowed his roll to the point that he’s almost run completely out of gas.

With zzz’s on his mind, Droopy Cat’s leisurely sleepwalk shows off his fashion sense pairing his classic lines with pink camo pants. With his tongue flopped to the side and his tail starting to drip (drippy cat?), Droopy Cat—the follow-up to the artist’s Droopy Mouse (2019—needs a serious snooze.

The Droopy Cat vinyl art toy (6″ tall, 9″ wide) will be available as a 24-hr preorder starting on Saturday (6.26) at 6 AM PDT from Mighty Jaxx for $169. The figure is tentatively scheduled to ship in November 2021.

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