#ADayonGinnysPlanet: What is coming in Toy Party on 29 May on Ginny's Planet?

Toy Party for Children | In Pre events on 29 May| A DAY ON GINNY’S PLANET | 30th May| Sunday 9am-9pm IST | Online | For all age groups | Pre-events on 29th | Know More & Book your Spot:

We are gearing up with over 15 events to help you all hope & #cope in current times! If your child loves a toy and wants to bring them to a party + join a story: Here is that chance!

Join Dishari & Sayantani in this Fun Party!

About Sayantani: She identifies as being the mother of two and each day is a lesson on empathy and patience. In another time, for over 15 years, she used to be a journalist and an editor. She hopes to bring the spirit of enquiry from those years to raise her kids as unbiased, empathetic and fiercely independent individuals. Sayantani has a knack of scouring the internet for preschool ideas that disguise learning with a generous dose of fun.

About Dishari: Dishari is an educator by profession. She has been a researcher in the field of social psychology and has worked extensively in related fields. She is a twin mom and everyday is a new journey for her in motherhood. She loves travelling and cooking up quick hassle free meals.

Ginny’s Planet nurtures #empathy, respect for #diversity, & spirit of #inquiry through workshops, dolls, stories , & much more. Often, we create spaces and opportunities for diverse people to come together and connect through such events.

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