Awash in Memories with ‘Drowning Thoughts’ by Codec Zombie

Italian artist Codec Zombie’s (Alessandro Randi) meticulous approach to the development of his artistic concepts ensures that the considerable space between major releases is well worth the wait. The dramatic Drowning Thoughts resin art toy sculpture continues the artist’s focus on compelling story telling.

Barefoot on a small, rocky fragment, a simply dressed young woman peers out through the large water bubble that surrounds most of her upper body. Her reactions, one hand clenching her dress with the other cautiously exploring the bubble’s boundaries, suggest a less-than-clear situation.

Drowning thoughts seems to float on several levels. Given the artist’s continued focused on the environment, the piece is at least partially a warning about rising sea levels due to climate change. On a more personal, psychological level, some are likely to view the piece as a commentary on the weight of our never ending torrent of thoughts.

Whatever one makes of it, Drowning Thoughts is an impressive achievement realized through relentless pursuit of technical knowledge and skill in the service of the artistry rather than vice versa.

An edition of 35, the Drowning Thoughts resin art toy (11″) will be available on Friday (6.25) at 7 AM PDT from Codec Zombie’s site for €350 (~$425). Twenty pieces are available now, while the remaining fifteen will be offered for preorder.

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