Asteria by Roby Dwi Antono x VINS

Indonesian artist Roby Dwi Antono’s new Asteria vinyl art toy sculpture from Taiwan-based VINS features a potentially unnerving version of his signature child characters. At a quick glance, the new figure resembles the artist’s previous releases with the familiar large, slightly angled eyes, a large forehead and a vintage hairstyle. However, the row of small, sharp teeth lead the viewer to unravel Asteria’s unusual lineage. Her elongated body and long, pointed tail resemble that of a reptilian.

As with Dwi Antono’s previous figures, Asteria features partially translucent crystal eyes, this time with a cloudy green appearance. Resembling a tiny galaxy, the abstract eyes hint at a world yet to be discovered. The unusual eyes add to Asteria’s unusual appearance and the inevitable questions about her backstory.

An edition of 200, the Asteria vinyl art toy sculpture (9.9″) will be available on Monday (6.21) at 8 AM PDT from VINS for $260 plus shipping (FedEx). Collectors are required to login to their VINS account prior to purchasing the figure. Those that do not have an account should create one ahead of time.

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