A Wild Hare – Variant 2 by Louis De Guzman x Looney Tunes

Chicago-based artist Louis De Guzman continues his Looney Tunes collaboration with the upcoming A Wild Hare – Variant 2 vinyl sculpture. Part of the 80th anniversary celebration of the iconic Bugs Bunny, the second and final edition of the figure features a striking metallic color treatment. Flowing with De Guzman’s signature compositional style, the dynamic design features a dark silver Bugs Bunny seen mid-stride surrounded by colorful fragments that appear to fly off of him with each step and motion.

In addition to the new figure, De Guzman has also designed a companion art print. Featuring a close-up of Bugs Bunny, the print is a signed/numbered edition of 75 and measures 16″ x 16″.

The A Wild Hare – Variant 2 vinyl art toy sculpture (11″) will be available on Tuesday, June 29, 2021 at 4 PM PDT exclusively from the NTWRK app for $380. The print will be released simultaneously for $225. The new figure edition follows the OG edition released by NTWRK in December 2020.

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