Mazomger (Unbox in Black) by Winson Ma x Go Nagai x Unbox Industries

The Mazomger (Unbox in Black) vinyl art toy features Winson Ma’s dark, zombified take on Go Nagai’s iconic Mazinger Z giant robot. Part of the Unbox in Black series which explores the drama of nearly all-black versions of recent Unbox Industries releases, the new black and gray monochromatic edition suits the macabre monster-meets-machine design.

The Mazomger (Unbox In Black) edition soft vinyl art toy will be available for preorder on Saturday (6.19) at 8 AM PDT from Unbox Industries for $150. This drop is the first of the planned online releases for the Unbox in Black figures initially released over the course of the last week at Amaz in Hong Kong.

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