i made an ADLEY ViDEO!! Teaching my friend Alli how to make homemade SLiME and it got a little messy

Filmed a fun video without help from Dad!!


HEY EVERYBODY!! Today I decided to film an Adley video all by myself! This is one of the first videos that I made without mom, dad, or nick. I got my best friend Alli to make slime with me for the video. First we had to find the box with all of our slime ingredients, then we had to get bowls and spoons to make it with. I didn’t know what color I wanted to make my slime so I told Alli to mix up all of the glue and I picked one with my eyes closed. Then I mixed them all up for Alli to pick her colors with her eyes closed. After we each had our colors picked we filled up our bowls with A LOT of glue… maybe too much glue. We wanted to make our slime fluffy so we added some whipped cream… well it’s actually shaving cream but I call it whipped cream. We might have used too many colors, because our slime looked kinda brown so we decided to do a round 2. This time we didn’t use as many colors and it turned out a little less brown. When we were done making slime we set a slime trap for the dogs. It was like a mini obstacle course for Olive and Koopa. Then Alli dared me to put some of the whipped cream on my HEAD! It was a HUGE mess!

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Bye vlog *pshhhhh*


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