MegaR177A by Playful Gorilla x QUICCS x Martian Toys

As part of a fully-loaded lineup spread over the three days of Complexland ’21 virtual event (6.16 – 6.18), Martian Toys will debut its new MegaR177A vinyl art toy from Playful Gorilla x QUICCS. The new artist edition 12″ MegaTEQ figure is a riff off of the two artist’s memorable TEQ63-R177A collabo figure (2019) which featured a large gorilla-sized TEQ character in a puffy jacket. The design incorporates the key elements from the previous collabo figure including the green-on-black jacket/hoodie design, the nostrils, and the stylized take on the TEQ logo with a star above two curved swords.

An edition of 120, the MegaR117A vinyl art toy (12″) debuts as an early release at Complexland on Wednesday (6.16) with 50 pieces available at $200/figure. Be sure to be quick as you navigate your avatar through the Complexland’s video game like virtual world to Martian Toys’ ‘booth’. The remaining pieces will be released at a later date.

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