Poopy Pants by Joan Cornella x AllRightsReserved

Catlan artist Joan Cornella continues his popular line of satirical yet thought-provoking figures with the new Poopy Pants vinyl art toy from AllRightsReserved. The new figure features an anti-protestor of sorts. The artist’s generic businessman returns in a pink suit, wearing a sandwich board with the contrarian ‘Stop Being Poor’ slogan and while carrying the equally un-PC ‘Fight the Power-less’ rallying cry. Doubling down on riling up folks, the character lives up to his name with his pants dropped down around his ankles, a fitting sign of our current times. Whatever your take on the signs, the figure is timely and provocative.

The Poopy Pants vinyl art toy (10″) will be available for preorder on Wednesday (6.16) at 8 PM PDT from DDT Store for HK$1,800 ($232). The art toy is slated to ship in July.

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