StapleDay ’21: ‘Winged Victory Pigeon’ by Jeff Staple x ToyQube

NTWRK will release the new Winged Victory Pigeon vinyl art toy from celebrated designer Jeff Staple x ToyQube as part of it’s StapleDay ’21 virtual festival on Sunday (6.13). The black, gray, and red figure features Staple’s iconic pigeon with spread wings, a surprised expression, Staple tee and of course the Black Pigeon Dunks complete with Staple Pigeon logos on the side. The alternating layer of wing feathers in light gray, red, and dark gray add extra ‘pop’ and depth to the black + red design concept. The new figure is a follow-up edition of previously released Fila x Staple pigeon toy with Dunks instead of the Fila sneakers.

The Winged Victory Pigeon vinyl art toy (7″) will be available as part of the StapleDay ’21 event on Sunday (6.13) at 11:30 AM PDT exclusively on the NTWRK app for $145. The new pigeon figure is scheduled to take flight (ship) in August.

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