Dry Bowser Jr.'s Final Visit To Toys R Us

Dry Bowser Jr. was building something out of Lego in his room when he realises that he needs more Lego. He goes over to Dry Bowser and begs him to take him to Toys R Us. Dry Bowser shows his son that Toys R Us is closing down! Will Dry Bowser Jr. get the Lego before Toys R Us closes down? Find out by watching this video!

Music used in this video:
0:00-0:14 Cabin Fever-Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix
0:14-1:21 Super Pipe House ” Mario’s Theme ” – Super Mario RPG Remix (no longer exists on YouTube ;-;)
1:21-1:43 Heartbreaking-Kevin MacLeod
1:50-2:38 Super Pipe House ” Mario’s Theme ” – Super Mario RPG Remix
2:38-4:58 Coconut Mall-Mario Kart Wii
4:58-7:14 Shopping In Wakeport-Mario & Luigi Dream Team
7:14-8:56 Springtime Breeze-Mario & Luigi Paper Jam
8:56-9:21 The End-Mario & Luigi Bowser’s Inside Story
9:31-11:35 Super Mario Bros. 2 – Overworld [Remix]-Qumu Music
11:35-13:18 Puzzle Plank Galaxy 8 Bit Remix-Bulby
13:18-13:38 Pipe Pop-Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix

Qumu Music:


This is probably the last Toys R Us video on the internet.

R.I.P Toys R Us
Died from going bankrupt


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