WonderFestival Shanghai Exclusive Raven Boxer JC by Ashley Wood x Underverse

Dark as night, armed simply with honed hands and feet, the WonderFestival Shanghai Exclusive Raven Boxer is a potent mix of stealth and power. Pared down to sharp basics including a warmup, shorts, arm wraps and streamlined sneakers, JC’s gear allows him to make the true impression. The line between warrior and athlete draws thin.The 1/6 scale figure includes fabric clothes, three sets of hands, a black cross statue accessory and an unpainted ‘prototype’ head.

In addition to availability at WonderFestival Shanghai (6.13 – 6.14), the Raven Boxer JC 1/6 art toy set will also be available in extremely limited quantities in two online drops from Underverse.com on Saturday (6.12) at 8 PM PDT and Sunday (6.13) at 8 PM PDT for $220. The release is strictly limited to one figure per customer/household.

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