Slayer Bob by LTNC x Tin Town

LTNC Studio has collaborated with Tin Town on the new Slayer Bob figure. Inspired by the iconic xenomorph, Slayer Bob is the latest version of Tin Town’s signature Bob figure, an ever-changing retro robot. LTNC’s Lim brings his signature style to the smoke + neon green space horror with a skull mask and LTNC cap. To make the transformation from everyday robot into space horror, the figure features a new elongated, xenomorph style head, neon green jaws, dorsal spines — all removable thanks to Bob’s magnetic architecture. Yes, there’s also a wicked knife, perfect for slaying.

Slayer Bob is a fun change of pace from LTNC which has focused primarily on their own line of original vinyl art toys. The Tin Town crossover is notable in its own right as well since the brand currently has extremely limited exposure outside of Asia.

The Slayer Bob set (4.2″) is available from LTNC for $79.99.

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