‘Born Fighter’ Sad Panda by JC Rivera x 7sketches x Strangecat Toys

Chicago-based JC Rivera’s Bear Champ and Hawaii-based 7Sketches‘ Sad Panda come together with the new ‘Born Fighter’ Sad Panda vinyl art toy from Strangecat Toys. Born Fighter recasts the forlorn panda as an up and coming fighter with the classic yellow-tan Bear Champ hue, teeny tiny boxing gloves and the ‘Bear Champ’ crown logo on the back. Toy nerds (us included) will appreciate that the double ‘X’ bandaids seen on both artist’s characters move from the Sad Panda’s right side to his left in order to matchup with the location of Bear Champ’s boo-boo. This is the first artist edition of the Sad Panda and third edition overall following the OG (black and white) and the Pink Panda editions.

An edition of 100, the ‘Born Fighter’ Sad Panda drops on Saturday (6.12) at 9 AM PDT from Strangecat Toys. While pricing has not been announced, both previous edition has retailed for $60.

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