Mechanized Umasou! 00 Miko by Litor’s Works

Back in April, Litor’s Works caught collectors’ eyes with photos of the debut Mechanized Umasou! Unit 00 piloted by Miko. Since then we’ve been left to wonder the all-important question, ‘When?’. Turns out, now’s the time. Strangecat Toys has announced that they will be releasing five of the deluxe art toy sets for $350/set via a lottery on Instagram. The lottery is running now and ends on Wednesday (6.9) at 8:59 PM PDT. See the announcement for entry instructions detailing the necessary IG activities including following and reposting. Moving from the release back to the toy itself, let’s dive into the impressive mecha design.

The extended development of the Mechanized Umasou! has been worth the wait with a highly detailed design that fully realizes the concept of a towering, lumbering mechanized version of Umasou! First the retro themed, two-tone pastel red and blue exterior draws the viewer into the dust-filled, action-heavy world. The understated weathering adds to the feel of the piece. Miko is cute adorable, and ready for adventure in her pink and blue suit, which incidentally hints at the fading that’s taken place on the mech’s paint.

Perhaps most impressively, the mech is a figure in its own right, with articulation throughout including the arms, hips and yes, a hinged jaw which opens to reveal the cockpit. The tremendous detail found on the exterior of the mech (hoses, hinges and more) is amplified on the interior with a full primary cockpit including displays, controls and even a padded seat. But wait, there’s more. More than just a hinged cover, the top shell is fully designed as well with an auxiliary display, vent, and handle hold. Oh, did we mention the front domed hatch opens as well?

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