Poison Hook by 1000Tentacles – Vinyl Pulse

1000Tentacles continues its well-received Monster and Kid series with the brand-new Poison Hook vinyl art toy. The third release in the series brings back the Kaiju-like features a twisted surprise. Yes, the Kaiju-style monster and the boy, this time in a pilot helmet with goggles. However, the stinger on the tail is actually a fiery red mini monster concealed within. As with all of 1000Tentacles’ figures, Poison Hook features an organic sculpt which translates the hand-crafted magic of a clay-style figure into vinyl.

An edition of 180, the Poison Hook vinyl art toy set (6.69″) is available for preorder from select retailers including Strangecat Toys ($200) and Toystation (HK). The set is expected to ship in Q4 2021.

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