Showa Stranger Files – Rider #2 by Ore_Toys

Ore_Toys continues its insanely fun take on Japanese tokusatsu shows with the second edition of the Kamen Rider inspired Showa Stranger Files soft vinyl set. The set captures the childhood joy of watching the rider triumph in wild motorcycle battles. The imaginative design features a boy riding on a tricycle in a Kamen Rider helmet while clutching his Ultraman toy.

The new 2nd edition features key color changes throughout such as the green helmet versus blue, silver Ultraman toy instead of blue and an off-white tricycle versus the white one from the original set. The Showa Stranger Files series features two separate toys so far: this Kamen Rider inspired set and a wild Doraemon take.

The Showa Stranger Files 2nd edition art toy set is currently available from Misemono in a Taiwan-only lottery for NT$4200 ($150) through Saturday (6.5) at 3 AM PDT. See their announcement for full details. This first release will likely be followed by a worldwide lottery from Ore_Toys.

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