‘Boxcat Series: Dinocat’ Solo by Rato Kim at Strangecat Toys

Strangecat Toys will present Korean artist Rato Kim’s Boxcat Series: Dinocat solo with an opening on Friday (6.4) at their gallery in Tampa, Florida. The eagerly awaited show will feature new Dinocat art toy editions, wall-hanging original art pieces, and a pair of custom skate decks.

The Dinocat toys are the stars of the show with six different editions, five soft vinyl and one resin. The beloved regular size soft vinyl version (2.36″) returns with the GID Multicolor edition (20 pcs, $55) featuring bright blue and pink spray on GID vinyl and the fancy The Twinkle Inside Me edition (20 pcs, $55) featuring translucent vinyl with purple and blue sprays and iridescent foil, stars, and neon pink flake (?) inserts. The show also marks the debut of a larger size (3.07″) of the vinyl figure with the Dinocat DIDI editions (25 pcs per color, $70) in three different mixed-part style colorways featuring yellow, green and pink parts. The DIDI editions feature a separate circular face piece which adds some curves to the Boxcat concept. Finally, the show will also feature a new multicolor Sneakers Dinocat resin figure ( 2.76″, 25 pcs, $110) with a deconstructed-shoe design featuring a stylized swoosh-like logo and orange shoebox packaging.

In addition to the toys, Rato Kim has created nine original Dinocat wall-hanging resin art pieces (9.45 x 6.89″). Each features a Dinocat in the middle of a brightly colored galaxy. The resin art pieces have a wood frame with leather backing. Finally, she’s also created two custom skate decks featuring the Sneaker Dinocat ($150 each).

The Boxcat Series: Dinocat show opens on Friday (6.4) at 7 PM EDT at the Strangecat Gallery. Collectors may line up at the gallery on the morning of the show at 9 AM EDT to secure a position in line. Those in line may purchase one item and will need to line up again for additional purchases. Online sales begin at 10 PM EDT from Strangecat’s online store.

Rato Kim||Boxcat Series: Dinocat
Opening: Friday, June 4, 2021 at 7 PM EDT

Strangecat Gallery
501 S. Falkenburd Rd. Suite A2
Tampa, Florida 33619

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