Biti Buddies Wendy's Kids Meal Toys June 2021

I think that McDonald’s will get Disney Pixar Luca Happy Meal Toys in June/July 2021. Then I predict that we will get Space Jam: A New Legacy toys in July/August 2021.

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Here are the toys in the current TY Teenie Beanie Boo Set:
#1 Louie the Lion
#2 Safari the Giraffe
#3 Dotson the Jaguar
#4 Sully the Sloth
#5 Pongo the Penguin
#6 Iceberg the Leopard Seal
#7 Sammy the Great Horned Owl
#8 Henry the Kodiak Bear
#9 KooKoo the Koala
#10 Kipper the Kangaroo
#11 Slick the Fox
#12 Glitzy the Reindeer
#13 Tiggs the Tiger
#14 Ming the Panda

It seems like some McDonald’s gave out the Scooby-Doo happy meal toys temporarily and I wonder if U.S. McDonalds will officially get the set later in the year.

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