Futuraland Collectibles by Futura2000 x AllRightsReserved

Futura2000’s elaborate Futuraland installation (6.3 – 6.16) at the Landmark lifestyle complex in Hong Kong features a towering metallic rocket surrounded by a Pointman-style alien launch crew. Brought to gleaming life in collaboration with AllRightsReserved, the artist’s largest installation to date embodies the artist’s relentless pursuit of new forms of expression.

In conjunction with the installation, Futura2000 has also collaborated with AllRightsReserved on a collection of limited-edition collectibles including the X-6000 Sculpture Box Set (HK$34,500/$4,444) and two stainless steel mobiles. The X-6000 set captures the energy of the futuristic installation on a shelf-friendly scale with both Futuraland rocket (11.81″) and alien launch crew (5.71″) sculptures crafted in aluminum. An edition of 150, the set comes with a deluxe wood box & signed/numbered COA.

Evoking the artist’s signature ‘atom’ designs, the Futuraland Mobile35 (35 CM/13.78″, HK$39,250/$5056) and Mobile50 (50 cm/19.69″, HK$47,100/$6067) hanging installations are crafted in stainless steel. Each features freely rotating concentric circles with a sphere at the center. Editions of 25, the mobiles are signed by the artist and include a numbered COA.

The X-6000 Sculpture Box Set, Mobile35 and Mobile50 collectibles are available for purchase via online draw (lottery) from the DDT Store until June 10, 2021 at 9 PM PDT.

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