ThreeHead Kaiju Hippo by Tekxtoys

Singapore-based Tekxtoys’s signature Hippo character is always up for new adventures. After exploring the outer reaches of the universe with the Space Hippo series, the plucky Hippo is off to battle kaiju in his own menacing kaiju suit for his starring role in the imaginative ThreeHead Kaiju Hippo resin art toy.

The crab-like aquatic kaiju suit—with perhaps some frog DNA lurking in there—with one large head and two smaller heads, gives Hippo the protection and hand to hand (claw to claw?) force he needs to triumph. The fiery red and orange design leaves no doubt about the power that lies within.

As with the previous Space Hippo figures, the figure features three Hippo faces which we’ll call normal, sleeping, and laughing (happy). A gentle push on the face is all that is needed to switch Hippo’s face. The kaiju-themed design is the first Hippo release to add 3D-printing (Kaiju Shell) to Tekxtoy’s usual solid resin approach.

The ThreeHead Kaiju Hippo resin art toy (3.15″) is available for preorder from Tekxtoys for $85. Please allow two months for shipping of the made-to-order figure.

[Lifestyle Photos: Lai Yu Wai]

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