Starry Night Joe Dungbug & Hibbo by Fufufanny

An “ Average Joe ” refers to an ordinary person. That’s why I named this character “ Joe Dungbug “, just like a person with a full name. In many ways, we share the same “ Dung Pushing Life “ as dung beetles.

A bug’s life, I love observing these tiny creatures at work and play. I’m especially drawn to the dung beetle. They’re constantly busy, pushing their dung balls around. They remind me of humans and their constant struggle with the “ rat race ”. How we are in a never-ending cycle of busting ass to earn a living, to be successful, to be approved by society and hopefully emerge a winner. 

The male dung beetle sets out to make a big and round dung ball so that they can convince the female of the species that it can provide food and safety when the female needs to reproduce. And if the female accepts to mate, the two of them will dig a hole, bury the dung ball and the female will lay a single egg into the center of the dung ball. When the egg hatches, the baby will literally be surrounded by food ( the dung ball itself ). So you can imagine, the bigger the dung ball, the better the chances of breeding a stronger baby dung bug. And thats how some of these tiny bugs are born, into privilege and power. ( Sound familiar to you? )

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