Jungle King by Winson Ma x T-Toy

Winson Ma’s new Jungle King vinyl art toys from T-Toy offer an unexpected take on his popular Apexplorer character. Jungle King features a jester/clown style appearance in his attempt to cheer up his subjects.

The wild design features a flamboyant flair throughout with interchangeable faces (clown and regular), a crown, a cute helium balloon, mismatched cute animal shoes and an elephant scepter. Pushing things to the next level, both the full color and mono editions also feature removable translucent robes. While the front of the robes have a fairly standard design, the back features a dramatic sculpt of the Winson Classic ape face logo. At 11.81″ tall, both Jungle Kings should command a quite the presence.

The Jungle King figures are currently available for pre-order through Modian, a Chinese crowdfunding site similar to Kickstarter. The toys are available for ¥999 ($155) through the campaign. The full retail will be ¥1299 ($203). No word on international availability at this point.

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