Mighty AllStars: The BVB Collection by YARMS x Mighty Jaxx

The Mighty AllStars is a new line of officially-licensed sports collectibles from Danil Yad’s YARMS studio and Mighty Jaxx. First onto the field is The BVB Collection, featuring three players from German soccer club Borussia Dortmund (BVB): Erling Haaland, Jadon Sancho and Marco Reus. In addition to the three standard limited-edition figures, there’s also a special Erling Haaland Golden Boy Edition which features a gold and black design.

The figures feature a custom-sculpted face with each player’s likeness and the shared BVB team body used for each figure. Following Yad’s signature Authors style, each player features the now familiar eyes-closed, hands in front pose. The removable BVB soccer balls fit snugly into the players’ hands.

The Mighty AllStars series features ‘digitally-enabled collectibles’ which in this case means that the NFC-enabled figures act as keys or tickets to an app-based experience with exclusive content, offers and more. So far Mighty Jaxx has not previewed the experience but we’re hoping to see more soon.

Each of the three standard Mighty AllStars: The BVB Collection vinyl art toys (8″, $149) as well as the Erling Haaland Golden Boy edition (8″, 500 pcs, $199) are available for pre-order from Mighty Jaxx. The figures are slated to ship in September 2021.

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