DKS Tofu Edition by Blank ()

Filipino artist Blank (<___>) is set to release their new DKS Tofu Edition resin art toy. The Tofu Edition feature a black, white and red version of the striking grim reaper style character who seems to have met his own end courtesy of two kitchen knives lodged in his skull. The urbanized, defeated (?) reaper is a mix of the new with a hoodie tracksuit, sneakers & backpack as well as the traditional with a scythe, death’s calling card. In addition to the Tofu Edition, Blank will also release a white SDK blank.

The signed and numbered DKS Tofu Edition (5″, 15 pcs, PHP 6,000/$125) and the SDK blank (5″, 10 pcs, PHP 4500/$94) resin art toys will be available on Monday (5.31) at 4 AM PDT via Google Form. The link for the ordering form will be available on Blank’s Instagram at release time.

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