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Malaysia-based BiuBiuArts (Jason Chong) is accepting preorders for the second batch of his BiuBiu resin art toy. A look back at childhood in the 90s, the figure features a baby girl with a pacifier, lollipop, and a Goldfish snack emblem on her pink overalls. Speaking of goldfish, this debut edition celebrates the classic cracker snack and was created for Malaysian (MY) toy group My Toy Hoard’s My Childhood Junk Food online show this past December.

Beyond the Goldfish on BiuBiu’s overalls, the junk food concept continues with four included resin Goldfish accessories, one of which is a special BiuBiu version with pacifier. Finally the box is inspired by the old-school tin snack boxes found in Asia with a window to view the four Goldfish, just like the real thing.

An edition of 20, the debut BiuBiu resin art toy (5.91″) is available for pre-order directly from the artist (DM) for RM480 within Malaysia and $140 worldwide—prices include shipping. BiuBiu features an articulated head and comes with a BiuBiu Goldfish cracker accessory, 3 Goldfish cracker accessories, 1 Lollipop and the old-school box.

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