Lonely Park – Go Walking – 80s by Sank Toy

The Sank the Child series alternates between dramatic, mysterious pieces featuring the diver character alone in a seascape and whimsical, playful figures that emphasize Sank’s youth. The upcoming Lonely Park – Go Walking – 1980s resin art toy from Sank Toys brings us a nostalgic childhood adventure with the daydreaming diver enjoying a warm summer day in a retro tee and shorts in blue, yellow and red. The dream features a shark companion following a step behind.

Adding a fun, unexpected element, the shark threatens to steal the Sank show. First, there’s the metallic red and blue shark on four wheels—a wild mix of shark, hot rod and skateboard. There’s also the chase blue shark (1 in 8 odds) which swims along on Sank’s wake.

An edition of 399, the Lonely Park – Go Walking – 1980s resin art toy (5.39″, MSRP $125) will be available for preorder on Sunday (5.30) from select retailers including myplasticheart. The set is scheduled to ship in July 2021.

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