Arcade Machine & Espresso Head by Lumps x Newdtoy

The illustrated world of Lumps (UK artist Sam Drew) is a strange, delightful diversion of our ‘reality’ filled with people that are part machines and things and vice versa. While Drew’s illustrations have an undeniably visceral quality, his human-like machines come to troubling, wondrous life with a series of resin art toys created with Shenzhen-based Newdtoy (‘New Design Toy’).

The retro-themed Arcade Machine figure blurs the line between man and machine. Instead of a screen, the game machine features a wide-open mouth with its tongue stuck out. Though…the tongue is actually the upper body of the game player (victim?). This surreal scene flows with Lumps logic.

The Espresso Head art toy lives up to its evocative name with the caffeine contraption featuring a face and enormous mouth with a coffee decanter resting on its purple tongue. The fun design gives thrilling form to the idea that the machines we depend on sometimes have minds of their own.

The Arcade Machine & Espresso Head resin art toys (6″) are available directly from Newdtoy for $128 each. Each toy features magnetic connectors for playability and different display possibilities.

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