‘Drawn To Death’ by Deadly Delivery x Invisible Creature

The Deadly Delivery trio has teamed up with Seattle-based design studio Invisible Creature for the novel Drawn to Death 3-pack mini art toy set. Each of the three DD artists has delivered their own take on Invisible Creature’s one-eyed mummy mascot.

For his turn Retroband embraces the entombed one with a classic mummy head in the process of breaking free of its wraps. Putting his own spin on things, Vilesore offers a quirky spore-like mummy character carrying an ancient scroll. Finally, Zectron brings the chills and thrills with an unwrapped take on the mascot. With a protruding skull, wide grin, and lone eyeball in hand, this one is a true nightmare.

The Drawn to Death mini art toy set is (2″, 2.5″ & 2.65″) available for preorder from Invisible Creature for $75 until Monday (5.31) at 5 PM PDT. The triple threat will ship in mid June 2021.

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