KAWS: Holiday UK Hot Air Balloon World Tour + Collectibles by KAWS x AllRightsReserved

KAWS‘ signature Companion character takes to the skies in awe inspiring fashion for the upcoming KAWS: Holiday UK experience produced by AllRightsReserved. Companion’s latest vacation takes the KAWS: Holiday concept of large-scale inflatable sculptures to brand new heights.

The UK edition elevates the Holiday concept to new heights. KAWS: Holiday UK offers art lovers and collectors a chance to ride across the UK in an enormous 137-foot tall Companion hot air balloon—a ride of a lifetime. Perhaps afraid of heights, the Companion has both of his hands over his eyes—a riff on the KAWS: Holiday Space design. The flights begin in Q4 2021. The journey will include a numbered certificate, exclusive uniform, one collectible (vinyl), and of course the balloon ride. Visit the DDT Store to inquire about bookings.

As with all the KAWS: Holiday events, AllRightsReserved is set to release several collectibles to celebrate the Companion’s balloon adventures. The KAWS: Holiday UK vinyl art toy is a 6″ version of the Holiday UK companion and will be available in Black, Brown and Gray (HK$1965/$253). From art toy to lifestyle, vinyl to ceramic, the KAWS: Holiday UK Containers (17″) come in a set (Edition of 1000, HK$6,990/$900) featuring two ceramic containers—one white and one black. Both the vinyl toy and the containers include embedded NFC chips for authenticity verification. Finally, there are also KAWS: Holiday UK Hoodies in Black or Gray (HK$780/$100).

The KAWS: Holiday UK products will be available on Monday (5.17) at 7 PM PDT from the DDT Store.

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