The Stars My Destination: Astronaut EVA 8″ Dunny by Kidrobot

Kidrobot continues its The Stars My Destination series with its newly announced exclusive Astronaut EVA 8″ Dunny. A follow-up to the Astronaut ACES edition, the EVA (Extra Vehicular Activity) edition features a white fabric spacesuit designed for space walks and the like with blue and red accents. The Astronaut figures are the first Dunnys to incorporate fabric clothing and gear, such as a space pack, for a hybrid experience. The unusual combination of materials expands the range of possibilities for vinyl art toys.

An edition of 400, the The Stars My Destination: Astronaut EVA 8″ Dunny is available exclusively from Kidrobot as a preorder for $100. The official launch is set for sometime in Q3 2021.

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