House & Garden Kranky – Sket-One x Superplastic

Boom! Silent and deadly, Superplastic released the House & Garden Kranky (Edition of 150, 3.5″) from Sket-One on Thursday morning for the unheard price of $0. That’s right, they gave away the ultra-limited bug spray/Janky spray figure for free. Not surprisingly, the surprise release quickly sold out.

Before you head to the secondary market, there’s still one last chance to score the Janky killer for free. Superplastic is running an Instagram contest to give away 24 of the House & Garden Krankys. 6 winners and three friends tagged by each winner will received the coveted collectable. To enter, check out the giveaway post and follow the simple instructions. Winners will be picked on Monday (5.17), so Sunday is likely the last ‘safe’ day to enter.

Inspired by the House & Garden version of the popular bug spray, the new Kranky features a half yellow/half orange design with a dead Janky on the front and stylized warnings based on the original packaging : ‘Lit AF’, ‘Killer Piece’ and ‘Mind Blowing’. The new Janky killer is a follow-up to the OG Red/Yellow design offered as a chase in the Janky S3 blindbox series.

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