Toy girlz 2 clip 2 Kronk"s toy barn

Hi guys it’s Gilbert rock star 33 this is my 2nd clip of toy girlz 2 remember after the 4th clip is the real movie this is the part when the heroes are at kronk”s toy barn to rescue Amy rose so this is the 2nd clip. Cast: cream the rabbit as buzz lightyear. Rosie as Hamm. Toadette as slinkydog. rabbit as new buzz lightyear. Rainbow dash as mr potato head. Birdo as Rex. Cheer lie as tour guide barbie. And the ponies as the barbies. Also I put down rainbow road as the hotwheels aisle. Mushroom gorge as the barbie aisle. And bowsers castle as the bouncy ball Avalanche. And I drew the objects from the movie. But I don’t like rabbit much as cream. So hope you guys enjoy!!


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