‘Puppy Tang’ by Han Ning x Aichiaile

Han Ning has concentrated the joy of his signature Space Dog art toys into three new mini versions. Officially named Puppy Tang, a word play of sorts inspired by the dual use of ‘tang’ in Chinese as the Tang Dynasty (唐) and sugar (糖), the new 3″ pups are the first release in Aichiaile’s Little Forest series.

Each of the three pups feature the classic space bubble helmet topped with teeny tiny sculptures of the objects they are named after: Little Sun, Little House and Little Tree. The sculptures have a pleasing, handmade vibe which adds to the charm of the toys.

Editions of 300, the Puppy Tang PC + Resin art toys (3″) are available for preorder directly from Aichaile for $43 each via email request (aichiaile@sina.com). The wee pups are expected to ship in July.

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