Boom! Canbot by Sket-One x Czee13 x Clutter

The Canbot pace seems to be ramping up with several recent drops including the just revealed Boom! Canbot vinyl art toy from Sket-One x Czee13 x Clutter. The explosive edition features a comic-book style blow up effect with the O’s forming eye’s of sorts to go along with Sket’s retro style mouth. A red on white dot field fills out the graphic design. Skets Boom! style was recently seen on an edition of his Ting figure.

The Boom! Canbot vinyl art toy 5″) is slated for exclusive release on NTWRK on Wednesday (5.5) at 6 PM PDT. And of course this has the coveted can rattle feature. Pricing has not yet been announced, but based on previous Canbot drops, we expect it to fall in the $85-95 range.

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