‘LA’ Vandul, Klown Kan, Marker & More by Vandul

Los Angeles-based Vandul has a figure-filled drop lined up for Friday (4.30). First up are the new ‘LA’ Vandul figures (7.5″, $249.99) featuring the iconic LA hand sign in three unique (1/1) colorways aptly named Van Nuys, Ventura and Runyon. There’s also a the Klown Kan – Cream (7.5″, $199.99, 1/1) and the Marker – Tan (6″, $119.99, 1/1) figures. Each of these five larger figures include a hat, enamel pin and stickers.

In addition to the larger figures, Vandul is also dropping the Mini RTJ / RTJ2 figures (3.5″, $64.99, Edition of 10). The smaller figures include a button and stickers.

All of the new Vandul 3d-printed art toys will be available on Friday (4.30) at 12 PM PDT from the Vandul shop.

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