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Is it wrong to jump up and down and smile ear to ear like a fan boy? Maybe, but no one saw, right? Coarse has announced one of their most ambitious releases to date with the new Harvest vinyl art toy collection.

First seen at Shanghai Toy Show 2019 as a 1-of-1 Coarse Original resin sculpture, Harvest is a fun, playful piece reframing the story of the False Friends, Paw! and noop, in a bowl of rather unusual fruit and seedlings. This captivating art toys as still life piece has always had ‘Vinyl?’ attached to it. It’s an immediate, ingrained response when a Coarse Original breaks the boundaries of what an art toy can be. Thankfully, the answer is now yes, Harvest has the made the transition to vinyl. For more about paw!, noop, and the inevitable yearly Harvest, check out the illustrated Harvest ebook.

A microcosm of the cycle of life, the Harvest vinyl art toy collection will be available in three configurations in two colorways: the colorful Lush or the classic bloody monochromatic Pain. First up are the Seedlings ($96) featuring a set of three paw! or noop seedlings in various states of development. Each three-pack will be available for $96.

While the Seedlings are a great starting point, the Fertility Bowl (Editions of 456, $388) really captures the spirit of Harvest with its overflowing bowl of life, present and future. This elaborate set features both sets of seedlings, one repentant paw!, one despondent noop, one set of c-o-a-r-s-e leaves and of course the bowl.

Finally for those looking for the ultimate Harvest experience, there’s the Abundance Bowl (Editions of 345, $618) which includes everything from Fertility Bowl and adds a Locks grapes bunch and six additional seedlings (see the diagrams in the photo gallery above).

The Harvest vinyl art toy collection will be available for pre-order on Tuesday, May 11th, 2021 at 7:59 AM PDT from Coarse.

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