FL-006 by Futura2000 x AllRightsReserved

Graffiti legend Futura2000 has collaborated with AllRightsReserved to bring his latest Futura Laboratories sculpture to life. Crafted in water clear ABS plastic, the sleek FL-006 features the artist’s signature atoms in black that seem to almost float in space. The new sculpture also features the ‘FL’ Futura Laboratories logo on the rear.

FL-006 embraces the industrial beauty of injected ABS—typically seen in mainstream products and of course, toys—as a fine art multiple material. The clear design exposes the distinct connections and joints used in the production process. At nearly 36″ tall (888 mm), the newest member of the Point Man family is one of the larger ABS figures that we can recall, eclipsing 1000% Be@rbricks by over 7″. To our knowledge, it also the first FL series sculpture to feature painted deco.

An edition of 350, the FL-006 art toy sculpture is available from the DDT Store for HK$ 15,300 ($1971) via random draw (lottery). The deadline to enter the drawing is Sunday (4.2) at 9 PM PDT.

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