Adley Learns to READ!! Learning routine, eating Healthy Snacks, Duolingo ABC game with Mom and Dad

Adley learns and shows you a fun new way to read and write!
Thanks, Duolingo ABC for sponsoring this video!!
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HEY EVERYBODY!! Are you ready for some learning and fun?! I am!! Everyday I do a learning routine with my mom or dad!! We can either do my homework, learn math, or read a story! BUT, there is also the options to learn with Duolingo ABC and if I can choose that I will always pick that!! Duolingo ABC Is an easy way I can learn!! It teaches me how to read, spell, and pronounce words out loud! It is filled with fun stories, games, and I love seeing the Duolingo ABC bird do all of it’s cool tricks like spin a basketball, ride on its skateboard, or it just cheers me on!! During our routine we always have to have snacks around because snacks give us energy!! If I pay attention I learn more! The best snacks to have are healthy snacks like apples, string cheese, and carrots!! I loved learning with my mom and dad and I’m ready to learn some more!!

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