Smeye World B1 Spacer Sunset by Arctong Toys

As part of it’s one-year Anniversary celebration, Smeye World will release the B1 Spacer Sunset vinyl art toy, a shared exclusive with the figure’s producer Arctong Toys. The new edition features a vibrant gradient design of the cosmic chameleon. The colorway captures the last bits of yellow and orange daylight as they fade into the pink, magenta and purple hues of twilight.

An edition of 99, half of the B1 Spacer Sunset vinyl art toys will be available as a pre-order on Sunday (4.25) at 5 PM PDT from Smeye World for $140. The other half will be available from Arctong Toys in China from May 1st to the 3rd, presumably for Tencent’s QTX in Shenzen, China.

U (4.24) – Added pricing

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