Rogue and Gambit by Chappell

UK artist Chappell continues his stylish super hero turn with the classy mutant couple, Rogue and Gambit. The southern duo represents in three colorways each: classic X-Men blue/yellow, X-Force Gray and the character’s OG appearance—Yellow/Green for Rogue and Blue/Pink for Gambit.

Blending her civilian and superhero identities, Rogue stays true to her roots with leather cowboy boots. Gambit brings the drama with his flamboyant hair and a charged zippo lighter with a translucent magenta flame.

The Rogue and Gambit resin art toys will be available for preorder on Friday (4.30) at 12 PM PDT from Mahalo Cabin. Rogue (9.06″, £95/$132) and Gambit (9.45″, £105/$146) will be available individually as well as in 2-packs (£200/$279). The figures are slated to ship in mid August 2021.

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