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Have you backed Philadephia-based artist Trashbury’s Turtleneck Kickstarter campaign yet? If not, there’s still time to get in on the first chapter of his unique platform toy. The fun turtle hybrid character hits the elusive platform toy sweet spot: a fun, different shape that still offers plenty of physical and conceptual space as an artistic canvas.

The Turtleneck vinyl art toy (5″)—with three points of articulation (head and arms)—is available via the Kickstarter in three editions. First up is the unpainted green edition ($55), a perfect DIY choice for customizers. Next is the debut painted edition ($65) featuring an olive green shell head and hands as well as a red turtleneck (hahaha) shirt and blue pants. Finally, there’s a GID blank edition that’s available via the Triple Pack (Green Blank, 1st Painted Edition & GID) for $180.

Already fully-funded, the Turtleneck Kickstarter is in the home stretch and will wrap-up on Tuesday (4.20) at 3 PM PDT. Be sure to check out the rewards while there’s still time and help unlock the next stretch goals including a hand-painted design colorway ($12,500) or a brand-new color ($14,000).

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