3DRetro @ Enamel Market: BTTF 35 Exclusive Artist Pins

3DRetro is bringing the Back To The Future 35th Anniversary heat for Saturday’s Enamel Market virtual event. In addition to the BTTF Future Boy vinyl art toy by Tracy Tubera and the Marty and Doc set from Touma, 3DRetro also has a collection of BTTF 35 Artist Pins lined up for the pin-focused show which is presented by DesignerCon and hosted on Popshop Live.

The series includes three Doc and Marty Pins including a chibi-style set from Super Emo Friends ($20) and two sets from Touma ($20 each), one from the first film and one from the second film. Of course there are pins of the DeLorean time machine including one from Touma ($15) and several from Leen Customs ($15), a car pin specialist. Leen Customs has also created pins of the futuristic police cruiser and the sleek black/red Ford Probe that nearly runs over Marty McFly as he flees from Griff’s gang on his hoverboard. Finally, there’s Tracy Tubera’s Future Boy ($10) complete with rainbow cap.

3DRetro’s BTTS 35 Artist Pins will be available on Saturday (4.17) at 12 PM PDT from their ‘booth’ at the free Enamel Market virtual event via Popshop Live. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to RSVP for free from within the Popshop Live app.

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