Exploring a NEW HOUSE!! mini Vacation with the Family! Adley & Niko find indoor slides & room switch

join us for a fun weekend adventure!!


Best Mini Vacation Day Ever 1194

Baby Navey is a dinosaur!! She and Jenny are chasing me and the kiddos around the house, trying to get us. Guys, did you know that it’s spring break?! No school and no work, so Jenny and I decide to ditch our normal routine and we are taking the kiddos on trip in our little jeep monster truck!

The kiddos have no idea, they are totally surprised when we give them lists of items to pack, but once they realize that we are going, they are waaaay excited!! Jenny and Niko Bear start getting his new dinosaur and paw patrol toys packed up, while Adley and I get her bags going. Adley is so grown up, she picked out everything that she wanted to bring with her on the trip. She’s getting so old stop it!!

We get the bags packed and the cars loaded up. We invited some of our friends to come along with us so we all jump in our cars and head out. After a few hours on the road we stop for lunch. Adley and Niko Bear with their friends see how many cars they can get to honk at them while we wait for our food. After everyone is full, its back in the cars to drive through a beautiful part of Utah till we reach our vacation house.

This thing is amazing!! the whole family can’t wait to explore this place. All the rooms and beds, all the hidden surprises, like a slide and an indoor park. There is also a swimming pool and hot tub, the kids are sooo excited to go swimming in. After touring the new house and a few room swaps, we finally settle in for some of the best days ever!!

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