‘Relationships’ Sculpture Series by Kebeyo Chen x Soap Studio

Shanghai-born Kebeyo Chen creates whimsical, inquisitive paintings featuring abstract characters that seem to flow out of inanimate objects. Chen has collaborated with Soap Studio on two limited-edition sculptures from her Relationships body of work. Clad in blue and white hues, the new shelf-sized Illusion (15.75″) and Passive Perception (19.69″) releases are based on two of her large-format sculptures.

The seemingly elegant Illusion features a winking woman with an elaborate headdress that has a vaguely pottery-like vibe. In contrast, Passive Perception features as topsy turvy, gravity-defying exploration of the ways people become acquainted with one another on a deeply connected level.

Editions of 399 each, Illusion and Passive Perception will be available shortly from Soap Studio. Look for an update once release details have been announced.

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