‘The Beauty of Rebellion’ Sculpture + NFT by Abell Octovan x Mighty Jaxx

With The Beauty of Rebellion, Abell Octovan continues his series of sculptures with Mighty Jaxx celebrating freedom and defiance in the face of oppressive authority. The piece offers a startling contrast between ‘normal’ and the fight for it. Wearing a flak vest and bandana, the ballerina’s pirouette is done not for show but for survival as she triggers the protective cloak offered by the red smoke grenade. As with Octovan’s previous Anti-Supremacy and patRIOT pieces, the new sculpture features a marble-like finish as reference to Greek sculpture.

With The Beauty of Rebellion, Abell Octovan and Mighty Jaxx are offering an interesting take on the NFT (non-fungible token) phenomena by positioning the NFT not as a primary product but as a timely value-added option. Collectors who purchase the sculpture will have the opportunity to collect the digital NFT. Once the piece arrives, the Mighty Jaxx app will provide the standard means of authenticating the collectible and also the optional opportunity to ‘mint’ the NFT.

The The Beauty of Rebellion polystone sculpture (12″) will be available as a 24-hr pre-order from Mighty Jaxx for $269 starting on Saturday (4.10) at 6 AM PDT.

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