Lil’ Helpers Glow by Superplastic

Superplastic’s dastardly duo are back with the new Lil’ Helpers Glow vinyl art toy set. The retro style versions of Janky (13″) and Guggimon (14″) feature GID vinyl—all the better to keep track of them as they plot against you.

Honestly, we think the toys are kinda, dare we say, cute… But Superplastic is building up a ‘rep’ for the two, so hey, we can go along…kinda sorta, maybe. The new Glow edition follows the OG edition which dropped back in February.

The Lil’ Helpers Glow vinyl art toy set will be available on Thursday (4.8) at 11 AM PDT from the Superplastic shop for $180. These are in stock and ready to ship.

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